How To Get Your Life Unstuck NOW with This Simple System

Realizing your life needs to go in another direction is the first step!

Deciding WHERE you want your life to go, is the next…

But making sure you stay on COURSE to your expected destination may well be just as important as knowing WHERE you want to go!

There are so many money pits out there that you can throw money into… but I’ll never do that! I want to give you some tool to help you Get Your Life Unstuck… and the Simple System I use to stay on track.

Take notes and if you don’t use this basic system… FIND SOMETHING THAT WILL KEEP YOU ON TRACK!

Below are some of the tools I use, and that I speak about:

Moleskin Hard Cover Notebook 5″ x 8.25″
This is my preference… They’re durable, and the pages and what you write last!

AmazonBasics Classic Ruled Notebook (same size)
Basically the same and about $2.00 cheaper, but I prefer the Moleskin

Mead Composition Notebooks College Ruled
I’ve used these for years and they work fine… I don’t think the paper lasts as long but really… you get 3 books for $6.00 – can’t get much simpler and cheaper than this!

Jinhao Executive Fountain Pen
I’m only adding it here because I mention it… and if you like fountain pens it doesn’t come any better or INEXPENSIVE… $9.00! and here is the link I suggest (only because I know may get asked…)

Montblanc Ink Mystery Black It seems expensive at $21.00 dollars a bottle but it isn’t. The bottle has a built-in ink well so it’s not as messy, and the bottle will last you at least a year unless you are handwriting ‘War and Peace”

All of the above links are affiliate links, so if you click them and purchase I’ll make a commission, but that doesn’t affect the price in any way.

I’ve used this basic system for several years… and the catchy term now is Bullet Journals. Some are so much more complex, but if you want to watch a video describing a basic Bullet Journal here’s a Youtube Video: How To Bullet Journal

Hope you enjoy this week’s podcast!

Go For It!

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